Duel (DM6)
Rating: 2.9 (28 votes)
10 minutes, Deathmatch 3
Sat 03 August 2002 on Kicks ass #2 Allround
ping pl frags name Kills Deaths RA GA
14 0 17 xterm 18 14 8 10
13 0 11 pietro 12 20 20 6
239 2 spec lms-xhrl 0 0 0 0
Award Score Winner(s)
Frag Streak 12 xterm
Spawn Fragger 3 xterm
Friday 30 Aug 2002, 19:57
(author not available)
this is best of these three demos, because you can watch pietro, while the other two are exclusively from xterms awfully boring pov.
Friday 30 Aug 2002, 20:04
ptr's 1st and 11th frags are fde material. xterm gets the fortunate spawns and he plays conservatively. You have to see ptr's movement around dm6; it amazes and inspires a schmuck like me. brilliant use of the 2nd step to gl jump to cut off xterm but ptr just gets harshed out by a series of unfortunate spawns; xterm's keep away tactic at the end makes watching pietro hunt him down very intense...Not the best dm6 game I have seen but definitely those two frags will give you a qw smile. xterm did well w/o the ra.
Saturday 31 Aug 2002, 01:41
when does hagge vs pietro appear
Saturday 31 Aug 2002, 04:47
I don?t send up rapes fuka.. sorry :\
Saturday 31 Aug 2002, 10:13
HE HE HE :-)
Sunday 01 Sep 2002, 04:13
Pietros ironic comment in the end descibes this game pretty good.
Pietro makes a few really nice frags.
The frags xterm gets come from insanly flooding by pietro guess he didnt care too much about this game versus xterm_von_cs.

Xterm are you playing in a secret world cup league where the winner get 1'000'000 ? ?
Sunday 01 Sep 2002, 04:56
lol what?s wrong with xterms way of playing? complain on dag instead..
Monday 02 Sep 2002, 21:29
Yeah man
Dag is way too defensive.
He should play Counter-Strike :)
Friday 06 Sep 2002, 18:49
xhlr's right the first frag is fde bound:>
Wednesday 25 Sep 2002, 11:51
Nice game!
I think xterm plays a good defensively game
i wouldnt call it "cs" since defensively is the way to play against really good players - if you want to win.

Overall both players did well.
Despite pietros bad spawns, i would like to point out xterms overall tactic, which defeats pietro
there are not many who can take down such great name as pietro